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November 22, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Classified Ads

Selling your Houston Texas Home

Tips for Selling your Houston Texas Home

Part 1

Having been a homeowner myself I have a lot to say on the subject when it comes to selling your home in Houston Texas. As you know that market can fluctuate depending many factors and sometimes be a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. In the Houston Texas metro area we have been particularly lucky or should I say blessed due to our robust economy. Texas seems to stand on its own and will stand apart from the rest of the country.

We seem to be a bit independent from everyone else. This is partly due to the Texas pride as well as our strong independent spirit. Here at Classifieds Maximus we have a whole section that is just for the Real Estate market in the Houston Texas metro area. Having said that I have a few suggestions for making your classified ad effective.

As more and more of the Real Estate Market has gone online, you should consider using as many internet resources to get the word out for your Real Estate listing. Zillow is a great place to look at your homes value and get ideas. The more places that it is seen, the more chance you have to sell your property. Having said that I am going to make some suggestions here in this post to help you get your property sold. 

Why in list your home in the classifieds?Selling Your Houston Texas Home

In most cases most classifieds will have many subjects and ads that are not real-estate related. That is really a good thing because there might be visitors to the site that have no intention in looking for a home to buy. Chances are that they are looking for something else. However, you never can tell if someone might just see your classified ad listing for your home and other know somebody or spark an interest that they might have themselves. This is something that you never know that most certainly something to consider when selling your home on the web.

Make your classified ad enjoyable to read

When prospective buyers are reading your ad listing in the classifides about your home, list all of the things that you home has to offer in an exciting way. Write about the great things has to offer like spacious backyard, new granite countertops or new energy efficient replacement windows.

Post nice photos online about your home that you are selling

This is of most importance and this will often make or break if you get someone to either call or email you about your home. Before taking photos I will sugest that you clean up your yard by either mowing, moving away unwanted items and just uncluttering. This also goes as well for the inside of your home that you are taking photos for to sell.

Peroration and making your home ready 

Now that you in the process of your online classified ad up, let’s make sure that your home is real estate market ready. There are many things that you should be doing to get your home sold and peroration is the key. Most Realtors will tell you that presentation and first impression is the key! When prospective buyers are looking at your home it is all about the WOW factor and or warm and fuzzies that in reality in most cases will sell your home. So having said that, let look at some things that you should be doing to get your home sold. Some improvements even minor might take some money, however this is money well spent if you want to get top market dollar for your Houston Texas metro area home.

Let’s Start with the outside

When prospective home buyers pull up to your Houston Texas metro area home it is the that outside that is the first thing they see. This can make or someone every wanting to walk into your home. A poor outside presentation will case what realtors will call the derided drive by. Once that happens, your chance of that perspective buyer coming back to look at your home is almost non existent. This is what the outside and exterior of your home is so important.  

It will be most beneficial for you to take some time and consider the following outside fic us to get your home sold. Here is a quick list:

  • Mow the lawn, trim around the edges and render a more manicured look
  • Trim any dead branches, limbs etc…
  • Trim the hedges
  • Clean out the gutters
  • Paint the exterior and replace rotted siding and trim
  • Clean off the roof or replace it
  • Move any personal items such as toys from the yard
  • Remove and pet droppings from the yard
  • Set a nice uncluttered table setting out in the backyard
  • Clean out the garage

Now let’s go inside the home

This is where you will score some points big time because most of us spend most of our time inside of our homes. Just like the outside but more importance, the inside is where you will really have the chance to draw the prospects into your home and impress them. But first a quick side note in about inside impressions. Keep in mind that the higher the listing price, there more the wow factor needs to be in the inside. If you have a $350k home listed, you better make sure that you have granite counter tops. Below we will give a few bullet points to help you ponder the existing condition of the inside of your home and some changes that you might want to consider.

  • First and foremost, smell. What does your home smell like on the inside? This is one of the quickest ways for the on and off switch to go off
  • Carpet, what is the condition of the existing carpet, stains? What about traffic tracks? No one lakes a worn out carpet. Consider replacing it
  • Walls, do they need a fresh coat of paint? Someone’s else’s stains on the walls is sure to signal to turnoff
  • What is the floor tile and or wood surface like?
  • Are the appliances dated? If they are that is siding the singable to the buyers that the home is in need of some updating
  • Bathrooms, they need be very clean. This one is self explanatory

If you are still living in the home

If you are still living in the home these few things should be strongly considered. My strong suggestion is that make the home look the most uncluttered as possible. Having said that, consider the following information. 

  • The kids rooms, (if any) Need to un-cluttered and cleaned up
  • The master bedroom needs to be uncluttered and personal belongings put away. Make room in the master closet. If you need to, move some of them somewhere else or out of your home

I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure that the master bedroom looks as spacious as can be. This is where as you know the new owners of this home will be spending much of their time. You want to make sure that the master bedroom is neat, tidy and very uncluttered. Mand homeowners that are trying to sell their home will rent a mini storage to move items into to make the home seem less cluttered. 

Some final thoughts

Selling a home especially one that you have lived in is no easy task. If you are listing it in the classifieds to save Realtor fees we completely understand. The above information will help you to make your property more appealing as well as having an offer in a matter of days. No one wants to be in a situation where you are struggling to get offers from prospective buyers. Having said that, making your home more appealing is the key for doing so and getting offers on your Houston Texas metro area home that you are selling in the classifieds. We hope that you have enjoyed what you have read and please make comments or ask questions below. Sincerely, Greg Kapitan

Please see Part 2 for how to price your home for sale.


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