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Publishing Your First Classified Ad for Houston Texas

Are you considering posting an ad to sell an item, service or announce something online in the Houston Texas metro area?  If so and it is your first time ever publishing a classified ad, it is always helpful to get some insight, pointers and tips from others.  For example, you may be cleaning out your garage or the attic space and have some items to sell or you would like to let people know about a yard sale or maybe you have a house for rent or a car to sell. So, you go online to a classified ad website to find a large array of items others have posted for sale and realizing it can be a bit overwhelming or confusing. You may be pondering where to start and what to include in your ad. Well in this post, we share some great suggestions, helpful information and tips to help get you on your way to a successful sale when advertising to sell your items online. On your Mark . . . Ready . . .  Let’s Go!

Where can I place an ad for free?Classifieds ads Houston Texas

With so many options for posting a classifieds ad,  we will provide some suggestions for keeping in the local market as this will typically get you the best results. There are a number of great places to post your classified ads in the Houston Texas area. A few suggestions I would like to share are the following:

The importance of your ad headline

As you are searching through ads yourself, consider this question, does the headline mention the product specifically so the reader understands exactly what the product is instantly? This is one of the most important things to consider as you start to write your ad. Review some of the possibilities below and consider which one provides the most clarification in the fewest number of words if you were searching (or selling) a Subaru car in the online classifies.

  1. Car for sale
  2. Subaru car for sale
  3. 2010 Subaru in great condition for sale
  4. Selling my 2010 Subaru in Houston
  5. My wife is making me sell my car

After looking at the options on the above numbered list, which one would you first click on to look at? Which headline sounds more exciting and is most likely to to get a click on the ad? If you have read all of the above and chose number 3 or 4, these are the ones most likely to get you the best response.  Why? Because they provide a more detailed and informative description than the others. So, the first step to a good ad is to make sure you have included a good detailed description to catch the reader’s attention and let them know what the classified ad is about and provides instant insight into what they can expect to find within the rest of of the ad. This is a very important aspect and the best way to get your ad noticed and clicked on.

What should be included in the body of your classified ad?

Once you get your title completed, the next section is the body of the classified ad. This is the section where you want add as much content and detail as possible about the item(s) you are selling. For instance, provide full detail about the you car, such as  letting the shopper know you are the legal owner and have possession of the title (or you may reveal that you do not have a title in some cases), tell the reader details about your car like how long you have owned it, improvements you have made to the car, you may share maintenance information, the color, make, year, model, whether it is two or four door, what condition the exterior and interior of the vehicle is in, how the motor runs and if there are issues they should be aware of and especially all of the possible extras what makes the item unique or desirable y. This information will help the reader/shopper know if this is an item they might be interested and help them to make an informed decision about whether this particular vehicle for sale in the classified ad in the Houston Texas area is one they might consider more seriously.

The Importance of Keywords in your ad

Keywords in your classified ad headline and body

This is one of the most important details so many sellers overlook when placing their ads. Keep in mind, as you are writing the heading and detail of your classified ad that you include a variety of keywords that might be used when shoppers buyers are searching the classifieds ads for the item they are looking for. This time, let’s say you are selling a an “antique dresser” from the mid 1920’s, as are writing the post for your ad, be sure to consider a variety of search terms (keyword) options a buyer might use as you create the ad.

Be sure to keep in mind that some buyers might word things differently than others, so think about the various ways one might describe this item. The buyer will most likely put in the keywords “antique” and “dresser. First of all, below are a few suggestions for the title.

  1. Mid 1920’s dresser for sale
  2. Oder dresser for sale
  3. Nice mid 1920’s dresser for sale
  4. Old dresser for sale
  5. Mid 1920’s antique dresser for sale
  6. My wife wants this old dresser gone

When writing the body of the ad, you can now consider the variations the user (potential buyers) my use. You can add these throughout the body text. For instance, instead of repeatedly using the word antique dresser, interchange it with other keywords, you might decide to include the keyword old, older or distressed as well as hutch, nightstand, amore to ensure you capture buyers doing searches for these words (old amore, old hutch, old night stand, distressed dresser, distressed amore, etc).  So keep this in mind as you will want to ensure that the classifieds program finds your antique dresser even if the user searches for any variety of words such as “old”, “older”, “distressed”, “armoire”, “nightstand”, “hutch” and other words they may use to find the perfect item.  The more variations and combinations you include throughout the ad, the better chance you have of them finding it.

Next, be sure to include nice photos. It is best that the photos are clear not blurry, you might want to take close-ups of different aspects of the item, the serial number or special details. Include several photos and at different angles if that helps to give better perspective of the item.

Now, having the above, which ad do you think will get you the best results with someone does a search for an antique dresser?  If you have read all of them and chosen number 5, that would be the best answer because it has the keyword antique in the ad title. Most people in the Houston Texas area that will be looking at a classified ad online will be using that word antique as a keyword for an 1920’s dresser because they will most likely call it an antique dresser instead.


There is a great information here that we hope that you find most helpful to what you are looking to list. Please feel free to make any comments below about Houston Texas Classified Ads. Thank you, Greg Kapitan.

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