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How To Be Successful In Selling Your Car

Would you like some Tips for Selling your Car? In a world of online sales and websites it can be quite overwhelming when it comes time to sell your car. There has to be literally hundreds and hundreds of sites that you list your car on. So having said all off that, how can you be successful in a world of such intense competition? Here in this blog post we will make some recommend in helping you get your car sold. At Classifieds Maximus you can sell you car for free and this is one of those websites that I would recommend, of course.Selling your car Houston Texas Classifieds Maximus

Here are a few points that we will discuss

  • First impression
  • Miles driven
  • Mechanical condition
  • Year of your vehicle
  • Records of maintenance
  • Value of your car

First Impression

The first impression and make or break when someone is looking and buying your car. Get your car detailed and make sure that it is clean both inside and out. If there are any minor dents on the exterior and minor interior repairs that you can do at a low cost, it might be worth doing if you will recoup that cost and get more for your car.

Miles Driven

The mileage that is on your car is a big deal and can affect the resale value.  If your car has a lot of highway miles vs. intown miles you should make this known. Highway miles are have less of a negative effect on your car’s resale and you should make that known.  Higher mileage cars for sale will sell for less than lower mileage cars.

Mechanical Condition

No one wants to buy a car that is in poor mechanical condition. Make sure that if there is needed minor repairs you might want to consider doing them. If they are more costly, be up front and honest in your dealings in selling your car.

Year Of Vehicle

What is the year of your vehicle. If it is ten or more years old you will have more cash buyers that a newer vehicle that someone might need a loan for.

Records Of Maintenance

If you have any records of maintenance on your vehicle this can most certainly help you get your car sold. Prospective buyers that are looking at cars to buy would like to know what the maintenance records are.

Value of your car

There are many resources that you can use to find the value of your car such as NADA and Kelley Blue Book. These sights will help you determine the value of your car that will help you in selling your car at a fair price. Most car dealers and no dealers alike will use those sights to determine fair values for your car. Just a word of advice here, you will most likely get more for your car selling it independant ley to an individual than a dealership. That has been the trend for quite a few years.

  • Tip-  Remember first impressions can instantly make or break any deal
  • Tip – Get your Car Detailed inside and out
  • Tip – Power Wash the engine compartment
  • Tip – Get the fair market value on your car


Well there you have it, some good and common sense advice and tips when it comes to selling your car. Please feel free to make any comments or questions below. Thank you, Greg Kapitan from Classifieds Maximus!


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